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KHELfit: A Fitness Message to Corporates, Schools and Home

By: | October 16, 2017

The stress ridden corporate world is afflicted by various lifestyle diseases and even as they dole out health insurance for its employees, they aren’t protected from the curse of high pressure, diabetes or cardiovascular and other ailments. School children are bogged down by academic pressure and lack of opportunities to play. They end up being obese while women home makers who constitute a vast majority are unable to go to gyms or dance fitness to be healthy.

In tune with the current needs, KHELfit fitness app was launched by Ganesh Remani who has had vast experience in the corporate world, having served the Tatas, Times Group, Well Fargo Group and Rajesh Wadhawan Group.

An Engineer-MBA, Ganesh is also a member of the CFA, USA.  A keen fitness enthusiast having run marathons, father of two kids, he doesn’t believe time constraints or work pressures should keep anyone away from fitness. Now with his KHELfit app, there are no excuses either.

In an interview to Corporate Ethos, Ganesh Remani talks about his product, business model and vision. Excerpts from the interview:

#Could you please elaborate on KHELfit? What makes you unique?

KHELfit is a preventive healthcare tech enabled holistic family fitness program based app. Khelfit caters to the needs of people who have constraints with regards to time, space and cost. The app is designed to provide quality workout sessions for people who do not have the time to follow fitness regimes due to work pressure, time limitations, proper infrastructure and/or cannot afford trainers to follow correct exercise advice and regime.

The underlying philosophy is “Living room is your gymnasium and own body is your equipment” and one doesn’t need to look outside to stay fit. The intention of the design is to create interests in people to lead a fit and healthy lifestyle and simultaneously educate them that about fitness and inform that fitness and health are not measured and limited to weight loss or other such temporary measures.

#There seem to be many similar players in the Indian fitness arena. What would you consider as your USP?

Ganesh Remani , founder of KHELfitOne cannot agree more with you. And therein lays the problem too. The problem of fitness is not about awareness alone but also in assimilation of proper information. Most of the content available on web are stand alone segments that does not provide follow up options, expressing concerns and seeking further information or clarifications. Though there are plenty of such segments on search but most of the content available does not serve their purpose in the long term as fitness is about a regime that one needs to follow and be guided until the habit formation takes place.

At Khelfit, we have researched and taken into consideration the requirements of people who connect regularly on the web for such information and have incorporated programmes that can be easily practiced at home and can be followed on a daily basis.

Our mantra has been on ease of assimilation of information by focusing on 2 minute content, ease of guidance by connecting to trainer at finger tips, fight boredom by offering multiple fitness genres and to sustain motivation by providing access to the entire family under one subscription and that too at an affordable cost.

Lastly, we embrace all who serve the purpose of creating a fitter eco system.

#In this fast and busy world, how would you want to position your program?

We have positioned the Khelfit app as ‘Fitness Habit Developer’. With Khelfit, we aim to bring in lifestyle change in every household who have the desire but have challenges with regards to Time, Space, Cost or Motivation. Khelfit aims to make every adult a role model to his next generation. We all owe it to our next generation who are now in the grip of technology, fast food and a sedentary lifestyle. Khelfit program sessions have been designed to be flexible and convenient for all to use and are non-gadget dependent.

Khelfit has been designed to provide solutions to corporate wellness initiatives programmes and we are in talks with schools to integrate fitness of the child as a key focus area in the development of the child apart from academics.

#How did the idea of such a venture originate within you?

Khelfit originated through a personal experience. Like many other middle aged corporate executives, the strain on my mind and body resulted in hypertension and cholesterol, requiring regular medication and accepting the change.

Around the same time, as a business consulting group, we were researching on healthcare in India and soon realized that healthcare metrics in India are scary and being fitter is only the solution to prevent or defer the potential health hazards. I was also fortunate to befriend couple of medical practitioners, fitness enthusiasts and marathon runners whose advice and influence changed my life for better. By simply changing my lifestyle, I was able to clear both my diseases and feel more energetic than before.

The change that I felt is what I wanted to bring into others. I have incorporated every little aspect that could influence someone to pursue a fitness regime. I have decided to disrupt the space by making fitness regime as a way of life.

#Could you please share some fitness tips you suggest for all clients?

Fitness is all about Flexibility, Endurance and Strength. It is necessary for every individual and not limited to sports persons or celebrities. Every other research article published recommends fitness of the person is 50% cure to the diseases. We all chase in our lives to earn money and do cost- benefit analysis on every aspect except evaluating cost on health. It is time to wake up and practice. The changing lifestyles have only aggravated the challenges.
When one wants to relax, sit on a mat instead of a sofa and stretch yourself while watching your favourite TV channel.
Keep looking at options of walking, climbing and stretching your body throughout the day

Value your personal time and nothing is more important than that.
Start attempting to prioritize exercise as part of your daily chore and gradually it becomes a habit.

Lastly, start feeling guilty of being unjust to your body if you are missing your fitness regime.

Thrice in a week is a good start if not more.

#What all does KHELfit app offer to its users?

A registered user can access all fitness genres on the app. Currently, the content is on Exercise and Yoga. With the subscription to the product, the user has access to all forms of genres and on all the updates that happen during the period of subscription. The app also provides a complimentary package that allows the entire family to access all fitness features on the app at no additional cost.

-200 videos of Exercise and Yoga
-Instruction Cards on Exercise and Yoga providing quick read for assimilation
-Circuit Instruction Cards
-Nearly 200 Workout Plans of Exercise and Yoga covering wide range of customer requirements
-Nearly 240 circuit plans for kids aged 4 to 16 years
-30 Newsletters with addition of new newsletter every week
-Healthy Meal plans of diverse cuisine
-Access to Virtual Trainer
-Access to Counsellor/ Nutritionist/ Doctors and Customized Training at an additional cost.

Further, access to the updates to the program in the form of news letters, content, fitness genres etc is free throughout the subscription period.

#Could you explain a bit on how you would grow your business in the next five years?

The biggest scare of Stress, hypertension, obesity and cardiovascular problems are faced by employees on account of long working hours, bad eating habits and zero physical activity. Most organisations provide high cost health insurance and medi-claim to employees. Progressive organizations also provide after office hours service of expert trainers which is hardly used by employees.

Changing lifestyle, bad eating habits, reduced outdoor activities and the dependency on electronic gadgets have deteriorated a child’s overall development. Schools engage students through the physical training period with various physical activities and also inculcate the elements of necessities of fitness.

We at Khelfit want to be the enablers of these organizations who strive to take care of their employees. We are in talks with various corporates to engage with them in our endeavor of social change.

We would like to work with the schools in their efforts by bringing in structured and measurable exercise regime that improves the overall development of child with an element of fun for the child to get excited and interested. Further, our application allows you to log on to the various aspects of fitness, which can help school to analyze and engage with the parents so as to take necessary and corrective action.

We would be expanding to other cities and be present in all key cities in a year.

#Do you see challenges of any sort in front of you? Please elaborate

The two biggest challenges are:

  1. Behavioral change to kick start fitness regime.
  2. Influencing people who are aware about fitness need but do not follow.

We are attempting to bring in discipline, identify behavioral cues that can bring in a change, sustain the momentum of change and converting the awareness to assimilation to implementation.

Online mode of training also boosts options for women who want to embrace physical fitness. The change begins at home and generally women are more disciplined and eager to pursue health oriented initiatives. We strongly believe that women force would be a game changer in our endeavor to make the social change towards fitness.

With Khelfit, we are not substituting the gymnasium or a trainer; rather we are addressing the segment that does not go to gym or follow any fitness options and providing them with one more ‘easy to follow’ option to pursue fitness.