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Jio Phone Finally Gets WhatsApp; Complete Roll Out by September 20

By: | September 12, 2018
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Sep 12: WhatsApp is finally heading for Jio Phone. The KaiOS-based JioPhone will be having the new app made available to its users via the JioStore by September 20. The version of the WhatsApp will be a specially designed one for the JioPhone, making it different from touch-oriented platforms like Android and iOS.

WhatsApp on JioPhone will though feature many features available in the Android and iOS version, including end-to-end encryption to offer secure messaging services. Users will also be able to send voice messages using the app. Group conversations are also supported in the version for JioPhone.

However, features like voice and video calling, status features, and payment will not be available. The latter is available on Android and iPhone devices in its beta form right now. Users will have to make sure that they have the latest software running in their Jio Phone to download the app from the Jio Store. Some users might also be prompted to perform a system update once the installation and verification of WhatsApp is completed.

Jio Phone also has additional apps like Facebook available on its device. Besides, Google too had made available its Assistant services for the Jio Phone during December last year. A version of Google Maps was also made available for the device apart from making YouTube available on the device recently.

WhatsApp was initially announced for Jio Phone along with YouTube app back in July 20. Initially, the app was supposed to be launched on August 15, but got delayed later on due to unknown reasons.