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Jet Airways to Pay Off Salaries before April 1, 2019

By: | December 6, 2018

Dec 6: Jet Airways, which had to cancel as many as 14 of its flights after its pilots reported sick, has now promised its employees that it will prioritize the delayed salaries and pay them off before April 1, 2019. In a message to the employees, the company asked its employees to stay united in order to keep the company afloat. It also blamed the current scenario of the aviation business for the issues it has been facing.

There were reports where the company claimed that the flight cancelations were due to an unforeseen operational circumstance, and not because of pilot non-cooperation.

A report said that Rahul Taneja, chief people officer at Jet Airways, in an email sent to the employees has stated that the aviation industry is evolving and this has a huge impact on all the airline companies including Jet Airways. In the mail, he thanked the employees for standing with the company and understanding the situation.

He went on to add that the company is working hard to keep the promise and is committed to employees. In the mail, he said that the 25 percent of the September salary will be paid on December 4, 2018, and the rest of the payments left will be remitted before April 1, 2019.

The mail further says that the recent talks between selected employee groups in regard to the potential future compensation cuts are a misinformation. He said that the company is committed to its employees.

Jet Airways with revenue of Rs 6,066 crore, announced losses of Rs 1,323 crore in the three months that ended on June. With a debt of Rs 9,425 crore, the company has been striving to repay the loans and fulfill other needs.

Another mail which addressed the pilots, sent by Captain Nikhil B Ved, executive vice president (Flight Operations & Engineering) of Jet Airways, said that recently, a single day’s disturbance in the operation has a huge effect on the brand image the company has created in 25 years.