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Japan Looks to Hire Indians to Fill IT Manpower Gap

By: | March 10, 2018

March 10: Japan is considering hiring human resources from India in a bid to fill the manpower gap in its information technology sector. The manpower gap has been caused due to the fall in country’s working population. This information has been revealed by JETRO, a government agency that fosters trade between Japanese firms and other countries.

News reports from a conference participated by the Japanese agency and the Confederation of Indian Industry said that the Japanese government is planning to join forces with companies based in Hyderabad.

Shigeki Maeda, Executive Vice-President, JETRO, has been quoted by reports as saying that Japan is in shortage of people and resources in IT companies. Even though Hyderabad is not as famous as Bengaluru in Japan, the Japanese government is looking forward to join hands with companies based in Hyderabad and is aiming at the big companies in Hyderabad.  Naming Hyderabad as the Mecca of IT industry, he said the agency also looking forward to collaborate with Japanese companies. He also mentioned Japanese companies’ active participation in the Indian automobile and manufacturing industry.

Revealing the Japanese government’s intentions to promote their genetic drugs in India he said that the company will also invest in the pharmaceutical industry in India.  At the India- Japan Business Partnership seminar jointly organized by CII and Telangana government, Maeda also stated that in India there are around 1369 Japanese companies with investments of about $3.69 billion.

As per the statements made by Kazuya Nakajo, Chief General Director of JETRO in India, since the 1990s Japan has been outsourcing its IT recruitments to countries such as China following which they did recruitments to countries including Vietnam and Philippines.

He added that there is loss in Indian outsourcing business even though Indians higher value as programmers is due to the language barriers. The Japanese government apart from just outsourcing also intends be a co-developer at various companies.