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Infosys Announces Bonus Payout Worth $10 million to Employees

By: | April 14, 2018

April 14: Infosys has announced a bonus payout of $10 million (Rs 652 million) for its employees as a part of its renewed focus on re-skilling them. Additionally, the Bengaluru-based company also said that a 100 percent variable payout has been given to its employees.

The company is also planning to implement a salary hike for 85% of its employees from April 1. Both onsite and offshore staff would be receiving the salary hikes. The compensation revision will be effective from July 1 for the remaining staff including middle and senior-management level staff. The wage hike will vary among employees depending on their performance and contribution.

Under the new management, India’s second largest information technology (IT) services is looking to strengthen its growth momentum, as a part of which the company has decided to emphasize on re-skilling its employees, making it one of the pillars of its new four-pillar strategy.

Infosys unveiled the four-pillar strategy on Friday, and those are scaling up the company’s agile digital business, energizing its core businesses, re-skilling of employees, and localization in foreign markets.

Accordingly, the third pillar will reflect the aspirations and goals of the employees. Infosys CEO Salil Parekh has urged the employees to embrace the re-skilling agenda on the basis of what they want to do in future as well as to meet the client requirements from the employees.

As with the fourth pillar, i.e. localization in foreign markets, Infosys had added around 2500 employees from the US in the past one year. The company asserted that the plan was to hire over 10000 US employees over the next two years. The total headcount of the firm now stands close to over 200,000.