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IndiGo Ups Excess Baggage Charges

By: | June 23, 2018

New Delhi: From now on, check-in baggage of around 15kg on IndiGo domestic flights will cost over one-third or 33 percent more. From June 22, the low- cost airline company has increased the cost for pre booking 5, 10, 15 and 30 kg (beyond the free 15 kg) on its domestic routes to Rs 1,900; Rs 3,800; Rs 5,700 and Rs 11,400, respectively. An amount of Rs 400 per kg will be charged for each kilo carried beyond the permitted 15kg from the flyers those who do not pre book the excess baggage.

The pre- booking charges for 5, 10, 15 and 30 kg (beyond the free 15 kg) were set at Rs 1,425; Rs 2,850; Rs 4,275 and Rs 8,550, respectively by the LCC in August 2017. And from the passengers who had not pre – booked for the luggage, they airline company charged Rs 300 per kg for each kilo which exceeded the permitted luggage weight of 15kg. This year the company has hiked the charges by 33%.

Due to an order from DGCA, the company could charge only Rs 500 for the first 5 kg beyond the 15 kg limit from the flyers, till August 2017. For luggage beyond 20 kg the company was authorized to charge any amount. The DGCA order was challenged by the airlines in the court after which they were allowed to charge for excess baggage beyond 15 kg itself.

Other airline companies are also expected to do the same as IndiGo has hiked the charges by 33%. Air India is the only Indian carrier which has a 25-kg free check in baggage limit for domestic flyers. IndiGo is raising the charges for the second time in the lately.  Due to rising aircraft fuel cost and depreciating Indian rupee, IndiGo airline had brought back surcharge for domestic carriers. The company had decided to charge Rs 200 for routes less than 1000 km and Rs 400 on routes longer than 1000 km distance as surcharge.

From January 2017, the jet fuel prices have increased and this have become a huge disadvantage to the airline company. Due to the stiff competition in the airline market, the company is unable hike prices which in turn holds them back from recovering.

Vinay Dube, CEO, Jet Airways announcing a loss of Rs 1040 crore in the January-March 2018 had said that the financial performance during the quarter was weaker because of weaker rupee and increase of the Brent fuel price was constantly.