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Hyva Plans Rs 600 Mn Investment in India by 2020

By: | June 13, 2019

June 13: Hyva, a loading and unloading hydraulic solutions provider that serves the commercial vehicle and environmental services industries, will invest Rs 300 million per annum in 2019 and 2020, letting Hyva India further increase production capacity and create a brand new Refuse Collection Body Centre in the Pune plant.

 According to a news report, Hyva considers India as a major domain, as a large sales market and also a core market for its manufacturing operations. The company said that it has over 40% market share in front-end tipping solutions and now with India’s focus on construction and infrastructure development, it is one of the fastest growing markets worldwide for tipping solution.

Hyva started its India operations in 1997, and today has four plants across the territory – in Navi Mumbai, Jamshedpur, Bangalore and Pune – Hyva India serves a strong portfolio of clients from Tata Motors Ltd, Volvo India Private Itd., Daimler India Commercial Vehicles Pvt. Ltd, VE Commercial Vehicles Ltd, Scania Commercial Vehicles India Private Ltd, and Mahindra.

The company’s products range makes Hyva India a one-stop-shop for the truck industry. Currently, with about 2000 employees, Hyva India manufactures product range that are of primary interest for the company, such as tipper bodies, waste handling solutions, and tipper hydraulics products. With over 40% market share, Hyva is an undisputable front-end tipping solutions leader in both in India and on the global scale. The established leadership is constantly supported by innovative products launches, including the recent “Alpha” hydraulic cylinders series, “Propel” Tipper bodies, and new references in Waste Handling and Cranes businesses.

Positioned to benefit from the nationwide shift towards mechanized waste collection, Hyva India is also bound to grow in the Waste Handling sector, distinctive for its major development pace on the Indian market. Government is also taking a lead to create this awareness by running the campaigns like “Clean City Mission” & “Smart City Mission”.

The growing demand for efficient solutions for transportation & collection of Municipal solid waste, which leads to increase the market of Static as well as Mobile Compactors. Together with tipping bodies and hydraulics, waste handling solutions contribute to Hyva India performance growth, which in terms of sales reached the level of Rs 8.5 billion in 2018.