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Huawei Blocked in Leading markets World Wide, But Not in India

By: | December 31, 2018
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Dec 31: Huawei is facing a huge blow, as you are already aware. Most of the leading markets have banned the Chinese multinational telecommunications equipment and consumer electronics company’s products. The reason is that the products pose national security threat.

Seven countries including the US, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan have banned Huawei while Taiwan is considering an extension of the ban. Leading telecom regulators in the UK and France have discontinued the use of Huawei infrastructure. The news is that the US is in talks with Germany and Italy to do the same regarding the Chinese phone maker.

However, India is nowhere near considering a ban on Huawei. Why, you tend to ask?

India is gearing up to roll out 5G connectivity and the government is in thoughts of inviting the Chinese company to participate in the trials. For India, it is too late to ban Huawei as the company markets its products at lower prices, makes domestic investments, and long-term repayment schemes. The Indian telecom sector with Rs 7.7 lakh crore of debt will not be quite happy to lose a company like Huawei.

Meanwhile, amidst the ban, Huawei has denied all the allegations made against it.

A report said that Huawei believes that the company’s priority is privacy and security. The company has been quoted as saying that it has a strong cyber security assurance and its track record is clean. The company follows all the rules and regulations set up by the markets where they operate. When it comes to India, the company has guaranteed essential compliance based on audits by external agencies.

Huawei markets its products such including smartphones, smart watches and dongles to retail consumers and telecom equipment and software to network carriers in India.

For more than 10 years, Indian telecom companies – from BSNL to Reliance Jio – have been using the equipment marketed by Huawei. There have been many allegations made against Huawei it was also amidst controversies but the company still flourishes.