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Hero Cycles to Launch India’s Cheapest Bicycle at Rs 1999

By: | May 22, 2018

May 22: The country’s leading bicycle manufacturer, Hero Cycles, announced that it would soon be introducing the cheapest bicycle in the country. Priced at Rs 1999, the new bicycle will cater to daily commuters who rely on the engineless two wheelers to reach their work places, schools, and other places.

The company said that its new model would be called the upgraded Roadster. Hero Cycle MD Pankaj Munjal though assured that the new Roadster won’t be just a rehash of the old model. Instead the new Roadster will be built from scratches in all terms and will come out as an entirely new product, said a report.

The upcoming Roadster will also pack a technologically advanced steel frame that will add more load-capacity to the bicycle. With the steel frame, the Roadster will be enable 50% higher load-carrying capacity while reducing the weight on the ride.

Roadster will also feature chemically treated, rust-free parts that would help increase the longevity of the bicycle even in adverse weather conditions. Roadster will also be manufactured with an IP that will help prevent the duplication of the bicycle by other manufacturers.

A launch date for the new cycle hasn’t yet been revealed. The move to introduce the cheapest bicycle follows the company’s previous move of slashing the prices of its basic bicycle by Rs 500. The move however received criticism from multiple corners. Many bicycle industrialists opined that the price-cut would have an adverse impact on small industries.