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H-CNG New Green Fuel to Power Delhi Vehicles

By: | September 7, 2018

Sep 7: The capital city of the country is all set to welcome a cleaner version of compressed natural gas (CNG).  This version was introduced a decade ago with an aim of reducing pollution caused due to petrol and diesel. As per reports, by the end of this month, Delhiites will be introduced to H-CNG or hydrogen-CNG.

The eco-friendly fuel is a mixture of hydrogen and CNG. A mix of 18 percent hydrogen gas can drastically reduce the emission of carbon monoxide and various other harmful gases. The latest development is post the submission of a report by the Environment Pollution (Prevention and Control) (EPCA) to the Supreme Court.

In August, the top court had advised the government and Indian Oil Corporation Ltd consider H- CNG as an alternative for the fuels which are used currently. This was because the report showed that the H- CNG can reduce the emission of Carbon Monoxide (CO) and various other harmful emissions by around 70 percent. Along with this, the new green alternative will help reduce the fuel prices.

As per the apex court, before marketing the variant it will be first tested on 50 buses. If the test gets successful, the H-CNG will be made available in the market. According to the report, Indian Oil Corporation officials have assured that they will be working on the H-CNG, once they are allotted with a bus depot this month.

In the past few years, the pollution levels in New Delhi were increasing drastically and the new development is an apt move to tackle the issues with pollution.

Apart from being eco-friendly, CNG is cheap when compared to the fuel used now. Experts are of the opinion that the variant will help drop the pollution level.