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Gypsy Production to Shut Down; Bookings to End in December

By: | November 15, 2018

Nov 15: It wasn in December 1985 that the Indian automaker Maruti Suzuki had launched its iconic vehicle Gypsy. Not many changes were made to the external design of the vehicle in the ensuing years. But when it comes to the internal features of the car, there were a few updates. This included a wider track. Also, in order to meet the emission norms, first the 1-liter engine was replaced with a 1.3-liter carb engine, and currently, it has a 1.3-liter MPFI BS4 engine.

The latest news is that the production of Gypsy will be shut down soon. This will be bad news for those who are still dreaming to get their dream car, Gypsy. This move is in regard to the upcoming rules on ABS and airbag in India.

The car will not get an update with an ABS and airbag and thus the shutdown of production by March 2019. Gypsy fans can still book the car in November and the bookings will be closed down in December. The new Gypsy will come with an on-road price of Rs 7.5 lakh. Most of the dealers assert on full payment on the car before ordering.

Maruti’s Gypsy had remained to be one that a car enthusiast looked for when planning an off-road trip. The car was used as an off-roader and an on-roader too. It offered a great deal of enthusiastic travel at a cheap rate. The removable soft top also adds on to the car, but such features in modern cars come with a huge price tag. Even though there are various features like bulletproof reliability and the price etc, the lack of AC, power steering and other comforts, in general, remained a drawback.