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Govt Readies Blueprint to Boost EV Production in India

By: | September 11, 2018
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Sep 11: Minister for Road Transport & Highways Nitin Gadkari has reiterated the government’s push for boosting the production and sales of electric vehicles in India. In a bid to improve the share of EVs to 15%, the government has now drawn up a blueprint which would cover various schemes and implementation for flourishing the production of green vehicles in the country.

The government is targeting to improve the share of EVs to 15% in the market within five years. Gadkari said that this could be achieved easily as the country was having a huge appetite for EVs. The demand is expected to bring down the price level of EVs, which would eventually create more interest among buyers. The demand would also pull in more manufacturers into production of green vehicles for the domestic market, said the minister.

nitin gadkariThe minister also revealed that the government would not make it mandatory for manufacturers to take up the job of EV production. Instead, the government will focus on deploying the required infrastructure for the growing EV market in India.

Charging infrastructure would be setup at more locations including government parking places. The government is also planning to urge operators and aggregators like Uber and Ola to include more EV in their fleet.

Non-fiscal incentives are likely to be part of the blueprint according to Gadkari, who put down the consideration of further subsidization for electric vehicle purchase. Previously, Gadkari had announced that the government was planning to remove the requirement of obtaining permits for running EVs and vehicles using alternate fuel on the roads.