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Govt Plans to Relax Age Norms for Gearless Scooters up to 100cc

By: | May 12, 2018

May 12: With the problem of underage riding becoming more severe than ever, the government is planning a revision of rules that could bring some relief to the underage riders. According to new reports, the government is mulling over reducing the lower age limit for obtaining two wheeler gearless licenses in India.

The reduced age limit will be applicable to gearless scooters below 100cc. It means that teens of age group 16-18 will be able to legally ride gearless scooters that come with engines less than 100cc capacity.

At present, the minimum age for obtaining license for geared/gearless vehicles and LMV is 18. The rule although allows persons of age 16 and above to obtain license for gearless two wheelers of up to 50cc. But the rule has become useless with the absence of any such vehicles below 50cc.

With the limit being increased to 100cc, teenagers of the age group will be able to ride a number of scooters available in the market. The age requirement for geared scooters and gearless scooters above 100cc will still be set at 18.

The rule has been considered after analysing teenagers using such scooters illegally. A group of state transport ministries had already suggested the same to the central government back in 2016. Recent years have also witnessed a surge in underage riding incidents. Stringent measures were implemented by traffic police to bring down such incidents.

The relaxation in law could take a big burden out of the authorities. But at the same time, strict monitoring measures will have to be continued to check if scooters are of under 100cc. The task could be menacing with more and more vehicles available today in the market.