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Google to Test Off-Route Alert Features in India

By: | June 15, 2019

June 15: Google is testing an off-route safety feature for Google Maps. As per media reports, the feature is made exclusive for India. The feature will alert the users if their cars or taxis diverge from their route by more than 500 meters.

The feature off-route alerts are listed under the Stay Safer menu. The Stay Safer menu will be visible once the user has selected the destination and before they enter the navigation mode, XDA Developers, a mobile software development community. Users will be alerted if the vehicle deviates from the selected course by 500 meters.

Besides ensuring users’ safety, the feature is also intended to help them avoid being tricked by a cab. The report states that apart from ensuring the safety of the user, with the feature, the company aims to avoid the user from being tricked by taxi drivers, when traveling to unfamiliar regions.

The feature will not reroute the driver if they are driving the wrong routes but it will notify the user. Google did not reveal other details regarding the feature under test.

Google had updated Maps with various features like a speedometer and support for showing radar locations recently.

Public transport features like live train status,  help Maps users in 10 of the largest cities in India to see bus travel times from live traffic, get live train status for Indian Railways and get mixed-mode commute recommendations that will bring together auto-rickshaw and public transport were also launched by Google.