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Google Pixel 4 to Arrive Post-October

By: | June 24, 2019

June 24: The much-awaited Pixel 4 from Google will not make it to the market till October. To make it official, Google has tweeted the image of the Pixel 4 showing off the design of the new phone.

The images revealed by Google are similar to the renders seen online. The upcoming phone will stand out from its predecessors as it holds a different design. Gesture control options and Apple’s True Tone-like display experience are also rumored to be featured on Pixel 4.

The images show a square camera bump at the rear with two sensors and an LED flash. The third sensor for portraits or wide-angle shots is seen on top of the dual camera. A minimal dot on the lower right of the camera module, which is expected to a noise-canceling microphone, is also revealed in the image.

With the dual camera, Pixel 4 will become the first in its family to carry multiple camera sensors. Even though the previous Pixel phones offered high-end photography experience, it did not have multiple sensors.

A white or grey power button is also seen at the side of the phone. The phone lacks the rear fingerprint sensor but it carries the logo of the company. In the absence of the fingerprint sensor at the back, one can expect the phone to feature an in-display fingerprint sensor or an advanced facial recognition feature.

The tweeted image was captioned “Well, since there seems to be some interest, here you go! Wait ’til you see what it can do”.

Google at its I/O 2019 keynote held in May announced that the phone will carry next-generation Google Assistant integration. The company claims that the new model will bring faster responses as it is running locally on the hardware over the existing Google Assistant version.

The American technology company is likely to launch Pixel 4 XL along with Pixel 4. The smartphones are likely to be based on Project Soli. The project was unveiled in June 2015 to bring radar-based gesture recognition.

The Aware sensor on the Pixel 4 will offer hands-free experience. The ‘Skip and Silence’ media gestures were suggested by first Android Q Beta. Various other gesture controls are also available in the phone.

Pixel lovers will have to wait further to know more about the upcoming Pixel 4. The revealed images show that the upcoming phone will pose a huge competition for the 2019 iPhone flagship and next-generation Samsung Galaxy S-series models.