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Google Maps Adds Feature to Show You Speed Cameras and Accident-Prone Areas

By: | March 22, 2019

March 22: While driving along the empty, tarred highways, chances are that one forgets to keep a watch on the speed limits. Exceeding the speed limit and getting caught on speed cameras are not rare. A new feature added to Google Maps would now come to your aid.

Google Maps’ new feature has been built to warn you beforehand making sure that you do not make a mistake. The feature has been made available in India since February. The new feature is used in various countries and has become popular.

The feature works in such a way that the users can report the presence of the speed camera which can be identified by multiple users. If the speed cameras are reported in the area in which a user is traveling, a small blue icon will be shown along with the number of people who have reported the same area.

A user will also get to know when the first reporting and the last update were made. Currently, the update is available only on Android phones. The iOS users will have to wait for more to see the feature in their phones.

Apart from this, the update will also allow you to mark accident-prone areas which will alert the riders regarding the same. The accident-prone areas will be marked in red.

The update also alerts the users regarding the extra time needed to pass that block. With innovative and unique features like this offered, most of the riders choose Google Maps over the inbuilt navigation features offered in their cars. These features brought to India by Google were well received by the users.