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Flipkart to Add More Focus on IoT-Powered Devices

By: | April 11, 2018

April 12: Flikpart, the Indian e- commerce major, is all set to push up interest on IoT powered devices such as wearables and smart home solutions. In order to expand these niche categories, the e- commerce giant will also look to work with Indian and global brands.

Reports quoted Adarsh Menon, Head of Private Labels and Electronics, Flipkart, as saying that the participation of big brands are required for the growth of the home automation category which is at an embryonic stage in India. Flipkart aims to work with various brands in this category and bring it to the customers. Mentioning that the company have partnered with Google he said that the company will analyze how its services can be integrated to Google Home.

In the current financial year, the company expects to sell around 2.5 million wearable category units like fitness bands and smart watches, which a unit showing growth. The online share of wearables in India is 80 per cent out of which, almost 50 per cent is held by Flipkart.

Flipkart plans to sell and showcase IoT products from various brands. And later when the market is of a larger scale, the company intends to launch any wearable under its ‘Billion’ brand.

The company has a hold in various other smart product categories including smart lighting, smart surveillance products and smart locks and expects growth in this category as well. It is also aiming to bring in new products and brands for the customers. The need to educate customers regarding the use of the smart products was also mentioned.