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Fastrack Reflex Ad Raises Eyebrows

By: | April 29, 2017

April 29: Product ads that flood the web and television screens there days come with a good amount of sexist tint. The scenario has turned out to be such that it has become tough to find an ad that doesn’t tread on sexist terrain. No different is the new Fastrack Reflex Activity Tracker commercial doing the rounds on the web and TV slots at the moment

The ad refurbishes this age old concept with implicit subtle reference to how women of today seek the freedom of their body and sex preferences. Made by advertising agency Lowe Lintas, the ad opens with a young woman noticing a man who takes a break between his exercise to check the activity tracker and figure out how much of his goals have been achieved.

She asks him if he’s reached his target for the day, to which he says he has still 350 more calories to burn. Much to the man’s surprise, the girl tells him that she can help burn those remaining calories. The video ends with the line “gear up for some action”

The campaign focuses on the fitness conscious young consumers aged between 17 and 28 years. The content is sure to ruffle feathers and could be lambasted for the way it has been presented.

The new Refelx activity tracker from Fastrack is compatible with both Android and iOS through its companion app and is priced at Rs 1,995. Reflex tracks activity (steps taken), sleep data, calories and also shows notifications for phone calls and text messages. It can be charged by connecting with any USB adapter or can also be charged directly by plugging into laptops or PCs USB ports.

“This campaign marks the entry of Fastrack in the smart wearable category. We are going all out with our media plan making sure customers know that we are taking this category seriously. Television will be our lead medium supported by digital and on-ground,” Ayushman Chiranewala, head of marketing, Fastrack, Titan, has been quoted as saying by a report.

Fastrack claims that it has worked on the design, comfort and battery life which makes Reflex a differentiated product. Reflex is currently available across Fastrack’s 160 exclusive retail stores, 460 World of Titan stores, and over 6,000 trade market stores. It is also available at Titan’s e-commerce site, Flipkart and Amazon.

The product could well be a game changer, but the advert the company has streamed out might not be one that should be just ignored. The tone may help the company gain buyers, but then, the sexist wrap isn’t just something you would want to applaud.