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Daifuku Pockets Indian Material Handling Equipment Maker Vega

By: | April 8, 2019

April 8: Daifuku Co has completed its acquisition of India-based Vega Conveyors & Automation (Vega), a company which is into consulting, design, manufacture, installation and after-sales service of conveyors and other material handling equipment within the domestic Indian market.

In recent years, the robust growth of the Indian economy has brought a surge in needs for automation within the manufacturing and logistics sectors. Accordingly, in September 2016, Daifuku established a sales office in Mumbai for the Factory and Distribution Automation (FA&DA) Division of Indian subsidiary, Daifuku India Private Limited. Now, underpinned by strong demand, and as equipment for customers in India must be manufactured and shipped from Japan, there is a growing need to establish a localized manufacturing network in India.

Reports said that by generating synergy with Vega’s development and manufacturing bases, Daifuku aims to expand its business in India and other markets within Asia and Oceania by leveraging its technology and expertise cultivated through global business development.

Daifuku said it is committed to the Indian market and supporting Vega employees and customers. It would be looking towards consolidating its expertise and capabilities with Vega so as to allow for the expansion of our manufacturing and distribution business segments within Asia. Vega’s office, factory and technology center will remain at their existing locations in India.