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Cognizant India Headcount Falls by 8000 in 2017

By: | March 1, 2018

March 1: Going by Cognizant’s latest records with the US SEC, the employee strength of the company in 2017 fell by 8000 in India to a total 180,000.

In 2014 and 2015 the company saw an increased headcount of 40,100 and 10,200 respectively. An additional headcount of 38,500 was seen in the year 2016. Last year there were reports on plans of the company to lay off 6000 employees.  A voluntary separation programme for senior executives was announced by the company and it was accepted by 400 employees.

According to a ToI report, Cognizant in an SEC filing said that taking in to account those related to the voluntary separation programme, the company incurred $53 million in severance costs.

Even though the company’s headcount is declining in India, the company is seen hiring more in other countries. Increasing the total number of employees in North America and Europe to 50,400 and 13,800 respectively, the company gained an additional headcount of 2,900 in North America, 2,300 in Europe and 2,600 in other locations in the year 2017.Cognizant is building a smooth customer relationship.

As per the records, in 2017, Cognizant made changes in the business to accelerate the digital shift to digital services and solutions, at the same time improving the efficiency of our operations. Specific skills are required closer to the customers in digital services and referring to these skills, last year, Karen McLoughlin, Chief Financial Officer told analysts in a call that there is no great difference for the same set of skills while hiring onshore, the report added.