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Bose Lines Up Noise-isolating Sleepbuds in India for Rs 23,000

By: | September 11, 2018
Bose Sleepbuds

Sep 11: A few months ago, Bose launched a unique and bizzard product that was quite different from its usual portfolio of products. Called the Sleepbuds, the device wasn’t aimed at delivering sound from an external device to your ears. Instead, the Sleepbuds doesn’t stream music at all, and is intended to provide you with a sound sleep.

Now, the American audio equipment company is bringing the product to India. The $250 device is being launched in India at a similar price point of Rs 22,900.

Despite lacking the ability to stream music, Sleepbuds has been designed with its own unique traits. To start with, the Sleepbuds is the smallest product ever made by Bose. It measures only 1 centimeter in dimension, with a weight of just 1.4 grams.

Bose make use of its proprietary noise-masking technology that prevents all unpleasant noises from entering your ear canal. 10 pre-loaded songs have been bundled in the micro-circuit board, the combination of which mirrors frequencies of the users’ ambience and subdue them with relaxing audio like gentle waves and wind turbines.

The ear tips have been designed to offer a snug and barely-felt fit. The purpose of the device is to mask the noise. However, you can still listen to those by using the in-built record function available on the device. For that cause, the Bose Sleepbuds also packs a micro-circuit board, a transducer and a rechargeable battery.

A single charge will deliver up to 16 hours of juice to the device. Additional 16 hours of charge can be gained by docking the device with the charging case. Users can also customize the headset with other functionalities including alarm setting with the use of Bose Sleep, an app that is available for both Android and iOS devices.

The Bose Sleepbuds will be available through Amazon, Flipkart and Bose’s official online store in India. You can also grab this pair of buds from any of Bose’s offline store in India.