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Ather Lines Up EV Charging Points across Bengaluru

By: | May 24, 2018

May 24: Bengaluru-based electric scooter start-up Ather Energy Pvt Ltd has launched its electric vehicle called AtherGrid. Along with the launch of the e-scooter, the company has also announced that the city would get 60 charging points by the end of the year.

Following this, the company also plans to launch its S340 electric scooter. Out of the 60 charging points 30 will be established by the end of this month. An amount of around $ 1 million will be spent to set up the charging network.

The company, with the support of Hero MotoCorp Ltd, India’s largest two wheeler maker, and Tiger Global Management, is planning to set up its charging points at cafes, malls, gyms and tech parks.

Though the charging points by Ather Energy are designed for two-wheelers, they can also be used to charge all EVs, including four wheelers. The company has offered free charging from the established points for non-Ather Energy products for the first six months and, for their vehicle owners, they provide the offer for 12 months. Through the offer, the company aims to encourage EV adoption. An option of charging points at their customer’s house is also offered by Ather Energy.

The company also has an app to help customers find the nearest charging points and will also navigate them to the point. The app can be made use to track the charging status and payment options will also be made available in the application.

The company wants to make sure that a customer has a charging point 4 km away from him / her anywhere in Bengaluru. The establishment of charging points in the city is the multi- fold strategy of the company before the launch of its S340 scooter. Another strategy of the company is to concentrate on limited number of cities and opening experience and test centers. After Bengaluru, the company aims to launch the vehicle in Chennai and Pune.