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Ather Energy Lines Up High Performance Electric Motorcycle

By: | June 12, 2018

June 12: Ather Energy, a start-up found by IIT Madras graduates, has set its eyes on pushing further ahead in the Indian e-scooter/bike market. The company has revealed its plans of launching a new high performance electric motorcycle to exploit the potential of the electric motorcycle business.

Ather Energy is planning to launch the new model in about two years from now, according to Tarun Mehta who revealed the plans while speaking to the Times of India. The model will be designed to reach a top speed in the range of 130-140 kmph, and will also have improved battery than the one used in the electric scooter which the company launched recently.

He also acknowledged that the company would have to jump various hurdles in the two years for getting the vehicle clocked up to 140 kmph including chassis design alteration, testing improvements and validation.

While many standards like charger, battery, dashboard etc. could remain unaltered, Ather would still have to scale up the same in order to cater to the requirements of biking. This is keeping in mind the fact that biking won’t be confined to city rides like in the case of scooters, and will require additional requirements like improved battery change, more dashboard space etc.

He also gave a hint about the pricing of the e-bike, mentioning that the motorcycle could be priced at least Rs 50,000 above the price of the e-scooters.

Ather Energy broke in to the Indian e-scooter market recently with the launch of 340 and 450 models. With the jump to high-performance motorcycles, Ather Energy will be taking in the likes of Bajaj Dominar, KTM Duke etc.