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Asus to Launch World’s First Smartphone with Vapour Cooler

By: | June 6, 2018
Asus smartphone

June 6: Taiwanese smartphone maker Asus entered the Indian market with a bang and became a hit with a slew of smartphones launched in a crowd. But this did not last long; Asus gradually lost its foothold in India. But the company is all set for a comeback and has announced its new smartphone. Making a comeback to such a competitive market is tough and Asus have found perfect ways to make the comeback a great one.

The upcoming gaming smartphone by Asus will be the world’s first phone to feature a vapour cooler. The phone named ROG Phone will be sold under its Republic of Gamers brand. The gaming phone is given a crafty laptop- like design. The vapour chamber cooling equipped inside the smartphone will make the phone standout from the now available gaming devices.

The technology is being used in GL756 gaming laptop by Asus. The main issue with gaming smartphones are that the processors heat up faster thereby slowing the smartphone down.  With the vapour cooling, the device gets to work for hours providing high performance.

The smartphone which comes with a 90 Hz, 1080p AMOLED display ensures crisp colors. 1080p is the prime resolution for high frame rate gaming. The company had revealed that they had worked with Qualcomm to come up with a tougher version of the most powerful and the most used chipset used currently, Snapdragon 854. The processor runs better at 2.9 GHz in the ROG Phone.

Chinese smartphone giant Xiaomi has also tried their hand in gaming smartphone and was quite successful.