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Amazon Targeting Small Delivery Businesses to Facilitate Last-Mile Deliveries

By: | June 30, 2018

June 30: Amazon is expanding its last-mile delivery effort by opening up the gate for entrepreneurs. The new last-mile delivery program from Amazon will offer a complete package to the drivers and entrepreneurs, helping them setup their own delivery business along the way.

Those who get engaged with the program will be provided with delivery technology of the company along with hands-on training and other discounts. The latter would cover a suite of assets and services including those for vehicle leasing and insurance.

With that said, drivers won’t be required to have their own cards made available for the delivery. This is different to how it is in Amazon Flex, the crowd-sourced delivery program through which it ushered the last-mile delivery program. This would hand in drivers several benefits including access to extra equipment, parking spots, package management etc.

Amazon foresees that small delivery businesses will be making the jump to hire more drivers with the help of the program.  Amazon says that people can start the new delivery business with the company with as little as $10,000. On return, they are predicting an output of $300,000 annually for an entrepreneur handling a fleet of 40 vehicles.

They will also get discounts on customized delivery vans, uniforms, fuel, insurance coverage and more. It’s a big plus considering that Flex drivers had issues exactly with the aforesaid apart from lacking branded or big vans for deliveries.