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Amazon Flaunts Milestone Achievement as it Completes Five Years in India

By: | June 6, 2018

June 6: Standing at five years of service in the Indian market, e-commerce giant Amazon has achieved a feat that should definitely stand unparalleled, and that’s drawing customers from 100 per cent serviceable pin codes in the country.

In a letter to Amazon customers, company CEO Jeff Bezos said that Amazon now has customers in 100 per cent serviceable pin-codes in the country. These customers are kept satisfied by shipping packages from over 50 fulfilment locations located in 13 different states of the country.

Despite bagging such achievements in the country, Bezos feels that the urge and hunger for the company to cater to its customers is the same as that of Day 1. The company is still seeing it standing in the Day 1 to continue with its vigorous expansion in the country.

According to reports quoting Bezos, is also the most visited site in the country, and has maintained the top spot for the last two years. Bezos partially credited the rural outreach of Amazon and its adoption among local communities for the success. According to Bezos, Amazon has become the part of country’s culture, adapting all its services and offerings accordingly.

He cited the example of Alexa playing devotional songs in local Indian languages to the specific users. To improve its reach among the community, Amazon is also working with tens of thousands of third-party developers to increase the capabilities of Alexa.

Amazon currently has over 3lakh sellers, and Bezos believe that the key is in reaching out to the sellers from non-metros and smaller towns as equally as those from the big cities. Amazon has expanded its network of third-party affiliates and service providers to improve the access of sellers from smaller towns, and provide them with the required support right from the beginning.

Amazon will be investing over $billion for the Indian market in the coming days. But those numbers could further increase, given the push of Walmart into the Indian market with the acquisition of Flipkart. Amazon is said to be countering the move by acquiring Indian supermarket, hypermarket chains for which talks are currently going on.