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Alexa to Soon Let You Plan Family Night Outs, Pre-Book Uber

By: | June 11, 2019

June 11: Amazon Alexa will soon begin to arrange a family night out experience. Alexa may book movie tickets, make a restaurant reservation and pre-book an Uber to take the user there without any flaw. The personal assistant may even let you watch a trailer too. A demo of the same was shown by Amazon, at its flagship event “re:Mars”. At the event, the company also announced that in the coming months Alexa users will be availed with this and various other multi-skill experiences. Initially, the feature will be launched in the US.

Rohit Prasad, Alexa Vice President, and Head Scientist, has been quoted by a report as saying that the company looks forward to a world, where the users will communicate with Alexa naturally without any flaw, moving between skills, asking questions, making choices, and speaking the same way the user does to their friend, family member or colleagues.  He went on to say that the company aims to lift the cognitive burden from the user to Alexa. As of now, customers use Alexa for one shot requests like and for other interaction for complex tasks.

Alexa users when planning family movie night out will first have to interact individually with numerous skills to find local theatres playing a particular movie, purchase movie tickets, find a restaurant nearby the theater, book a table, and perhaps order a ride. The customer has to go through the cognitive burden of carrying information across skills including time, the number of people, and location. A set of AI features will be enabled in the personal assistant to create responses to the user’s question and requests.

A separate AI module that will decide to switch from one skill to another will also be offered in the new approach to multi-turn dialogue system. Alexa will predict the user’s latent goal from the direction of the dialogue and proactively allow the flow of conversation through topics and skills, the company said that the feature is a huge advancement in conversational AI.