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Airtel Starts Laying-off Telenor Employees Following Approval of Merger

By: | May 17, 2018

May 17: Bharti Airtel has set the ball rolling for the termination process of a section of Telenor employees. The move acquired pace after the merger move of Telenor into India’s leading network operator was approved by the government of India.

According to a news report, several staffers currently employed under Telenor have received mails from Bharti Airtel summoning them for a meeting with the HR officials. Discussions will be held to decide the next step for the employees, as Airtel has already made it explicit that there will be lay-off of several employees. Airtel said that meaningful roles won’t be available for all people from Telenor India.

Some of the employees have already held discussions with their HR department to decide their future. Accordingly, several of them were demanded a resignation. One among the employee told PTI that he was demanded resignation after offering five months salary.

Telenor India has a head count of around 1400 employees, and 50% among them have been absorbed by Airtel. The selected employees are being offered good financial package, while medical insurance and free calls are still being continued for the dropouts.

An Airtel spokesperson has been quoted as saying that the company is ensuring that these people get appropriate support such as continued financial and medical allowances along with the assistance of placement partners.

Airtel and Telenor entered into a merger agreement in February last year. With the final approval coming about, Airtel will have its subscriber base further enhanced, making it equal to almost double that of Reliance Jio.